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Tribest Personal Blender Review
Single Serving Convenience For A Good Price

The Tribest Personal Blender offers all of the ease and simplicity of most single serving blenders and reports show it to be more durable than most for its price.

GoBlendIt Editor's Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0

4.0 stars

GoBlendit Editor's Review


Overall, the Tribest personal blender looks like a good choice among personal blenders on the market. Although you are not going to get the power you will get with a large standard countertop kitchen blender, you do get small size and convenience. And that is why you buy personal blenders. As we've talked about before, just being able to blend something up in the same cup and take it with you on the go is a huge convenience. The Tribest blender base is also small enough where you could have one at work and blend some shakes there, without it being a huge annoyance to your co-workers.

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If you want more cups to go with the PB-100 model, you can upgrade and buy the 200 or 300 models. There is also a nice option to add on to the PB-100 later on if you don't want to get the 200 or 300 model. You just buy a mason jar assembly for your PB-100 that lets you use mason jars to blend in addition to the cups that come with the unit.

Another plus for the Tribest blender is that we do not see many reports of engine failures and break downs after just a couple of months, like we've seen with some other cheap personal blenders. So that means that Tribest has designed a high quality product for an affordable price.

We highly recommend the Tribest personal blender.

The Good

  • Easy to clean - the small cups and detachable blade assembly are very easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Good power output - for a personal blender 200 watts is good
  • Good pitcher - the cups are great and easy to carry
  • Precise control - push down for pulse and twist for blend, no buttons needed
  • Small - a very compact little blender

The Bad

  • Narrow cups - sometimes blending larger ingredients is difficult
  • Difficulty with ice cubes - larger ice cubes typically don't get blended completely


The Tribest personal blender comes in the following models:

Average Consumer Rating
Number of Reviews

The PB-200 model includes a grinder package with blade assembly and two 16 ounce blending containers. The PB-100 model includes just the blending blade assembly package. The 200 model is about $10 more than the 100. The PB-300 model offers the same power and features as the 200 model, but is designed to work with mason jars also. This means you can blend, serve, and store your dishes in the mason containers. It also comes with 4, 8, and 12 oz mason jars, mason jar lids, and a 16 oz glass drinking mug. It is designed to work with standard mason jars, so you can upgrade and use your own mason jars. The 300 model is about $10 more than the PB-200 and $20 more than the PB-100 model. Because the base blending engine, blades, and the basic blending cups are the same for all models, this review covers the basic model, PB-100, which is also the most popular.


With the Tribest personal blender you get a powerful 200 watt motor, 2 large 16 ounce blending cups which you blend and drink out of, a screw on blending blade, and lids for the cups. There is one commuter lid to take with you on the go, and one regular lid so that you can easily store items in the refrigerator. The blender is very compact and easy to clean; you clean the cups by hand or in the dishwasher and screw off the blending blade for separate cleaning also by hand or in the dishwasher. The PB-100 comes already installed with the specialized s-blending blade component assembly so you can easily upgrade the PB-100 for use with the new mason jar attachment that comes standard with the PB-300 model.

The controls are very easy to operate, just push down on the top of the cup for pulse or twist and hold for continuous blending. There are no buttons to push. There is also a recipe book that comes with the personal blender that includes 40 tasty recipes.


For more information on any of these features, check out our Blender Reviews Buyer's Guide, which provides detailed information on what to look for when buying a blender.

GoBlendIt Consumer Reviews Summary

Summary of the most helpful positive reviews:

Owners like that this blender is small, easy to clean, and quieter than larger full size blenders. They also say it's easy to use with no buttons - you just push down on the top of the cup or twist it for continuous blending. Everyone loves that you can take the cups with you, and that the motor base is small so that you can use it at work or home. Most all owners also love that the clean-up is so easy, no large jar and mess to deal with.

Summary of the most helpful negative reviews:

Owners say that the Tribest personal blender has a bit of trouble with large ice cubes and thicker shakes, just as most personal blenders do. You have to take the cup off and shake the contents to get them down to where they can be blended. Also you can't run the blender constantly for more than 60 seconds at a time. You have to stop the engine for 45 seconds while it cools down, then you can start again.

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