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Blender Reviews of the Best Blenders and
Free Healthy Smoothie Recipes offers detailed blender reviews of the best blenders, like Magic Bullet, Oster, Blendtec, and Waring and delicious free healthy smoothie recipes.

The Problem With Blenders Today...

I remember when my cheap little blender broke. The engine just kind of puttered along and then I heard this horrible grinding sound. It was especially irritating because I had all my smoothie ingredients ready to go and I was really thirsty. Of course I had to dump everything out and just eat the fruit in a bowl. And the blender was done. I unscrewed all of the pieces and one of the gears on the inside was just stripped.

The blender was about $30 so it wasn't really worth my time to send it back and try to get a replacement. That was my third blender in a row to blow up after a couple of months. At that point I decided I had had enough. It was time to sit down and do some serious research on blenders. I was fed up and tired of shelling out money for new blenders that were horrible. I needed to find the best blender.

If any of this sounds familiar, you are not alone. There are a ton of cheap, low quality, disposable blenders out there. If you read any of the reviews on sites like you will find many other people having to deal with the same problems; blenders breaking down, blenders not being able to blend even the most basic ingredients, and blenders lasting only a few months.

So how do you find the best blenders?


You can go and research all of the manufacturer sites yourself, like I did. You can look at all the consumer blender reviews and read thousands of owner reports, like I did. You can scroll through the reams of data and all of the scientific type testing on engines and carafes, and blades and rpm's and torque. You can do all of this to narrow down the list of a couple thousand different blenders down to ten or so that really stand out.

You can spend hours and hours researching, trying to find the best blender. But really, who wants to do that? I know you have better things to do with your time. You just want a blender that is going to deliver on your smoothie, not cost an arm and a leg, and not break down in 6 months.

Well I have exactly that information for you on this site. I've done all the research for you and compiled a list of the best blenders (standard kitchen countertop models), the best personal blenders and the best hand blenders. I have put together comprehensive, objective blender reviews of all of the major makes and models. I tell you exactly what you should buy and what you should stay away from. My Blender Reviews Buying Guide also lists Four Important Things You Should Know Before Buying Your Blender.

Don't be like I was, on my third blender, waiting for a smoothie that was never going to come.

Get a great blender right away and make yourself a delicious, icy smooth margarita. Come to think of it, make me one too. I sure need it after all this work!

More About My Blender Reviews

The Blendtec Total Blender Rocks!

My blender reviews are thoroughly researched and provide all the detail you need to make an educated buying decision. I look at all of the major brands and models, give a rating for each, and let you know what to buy and what to stay away from. You can find a full range of information about the major types of blenders, standard kitchen countertop blenders, personal blenders or single serve blenders, hand blenders or immersion blenders, and smoothie machines.

I also look at the essential features of each blender such as the capacity of the container, the number of speeds offered, the type of material the jar is made out of, the amount of power in the engine, as well as the warranty offered, just to name a few. This information can help you tremendously in making your purchase decision and help you to compare blenders equally, apples to apples.

Also included with my blender reviews are summaries of the essential information contained in consumer reviews found on dozens of sites all over the internet. These are confirmed owners that tell you the real scoop on the blender you are looking at. If the blender is a lemon and breaks down after a month, then I let you know here. You can also submit your own blender review to this site and give your opinion on your kitchen blender.

I also let you know where you can find the best deals on blenders. Many of the top high-end models like VitaMix and Blendtec can run $400 so finding the best price is essential to keeping the purchase within your budget. I also tell you about the gems in the rough; excellent, high quality blenders that can be had for less than $100. You can check out my best blenders list to find out more.

Smoothie Recipes

In addition to my high quality blender reviews, I also have a full list of smoothie recipes. You'll find a delicious array of fruit smoothie recipes, healthy smoothies, weight loss smoothies, and diet smoothies, all guaranteed to not only taste great but be extremely healthy for you. In my fruit smoothie recipes section you'll find an assortment of wild and tasty ingredients to make delectable fruit smoothies. You can check out my list of banana smoothie recipes, mango smoothie recipes, and strawberry smoothie recipes, just to name a few. And they are all free.

Have you ever heard of an Amazonian Pear? Well I have it some of my smoothie recipes and it has double the vitamin C content of an orange. How about Jackfruit? These cousins to the guava are the largest tree grown fruits in the world, coming in at 80 lbs (36 kilos) and are packed with nutrients.

If you need to shed a few pounds, then weight loss smoothies and diet smoothies are the way to go. With the right ingredients you can make a healthy and delicious treat that not only fills you up with vitamins and minerals, but is tasty and won't leave you starving like a lot of diet fads.

If you want to add your own special recipe to my smoothies list, don't be shy. Go to my smoothie recipe page and add it in. It's very easy to do.

So, sit back and take my site for a spin (pun intended), and in just moments you'll be blending your way to healthy, delicious treats, and a better lifestyle for your whole family.

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